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Aponic Launch

Hello, we are now ready to launch Aponic Aquaponics, we have several goals that we want to achieve as follows:

We want to reduce the food miles your vegetables travel to just food yards. We are producing a range of aquaponic units which can sit in your conservatory and provide you with fresh vegetables of certain origin and quality with the minimum of effort and with the minimum input or your resources. Growing your veg at home can not only reduce the water used to grow them (Aquaponics uses only 2% or the water used in agriculture) but also reduce wastage, if you decide not to eat your lettuces this week, they will keep and carry on growing in the system rather than becoming slime in your fridge.

Likewise we are producing a range of larger units to sit at your local farm shop so that you can buy vegetables grown on site and fresh from the system with the same efficiency built in and again, no food wastage or shelf life issues. The veg can be harvested in the shop for you to take home.

As so much interest has been shown for commercial ventures using our systems, we can easily scale up our systems to cover acres and because we utilise vertical growing tubes, it maximises floor space turning 10 arces into 40 acres growing area.

We hope you enjoy our products and look forward to hearing from you with any questions you may have.

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