Aponic Prototype Strawberry Growing Station

This is the video used for the Greenest County Awards made for us by the students at Suffolk One, Jake Newey and Ryan Bimson. We really appreciate their efforts as they went out of their way to ensure that they got the footage they wanted. Thanks Guys!

It also helps some people that we are introducing to vertical growing techniques to grasp what we have done. The grow tube shown in the video is a prototype of our shortest tube initially designed to grow strawberries in to ensure maximum sunlight gets to the plants and at least treble the amount of strawberry plants can be grown in a single plants footprint. All this happens as we save 90% of the water usually used when growing strawberries which cuts a huge amount off of the growing cost.

The growing tubes can be removed easily and quickly when the fruit is ready to be picked which can then be carries out in clean conditions by operators sat at comfortable benches.

Once harvested, the tubes are returned to the growing rails and the plants can be harvested again when they are ready.