Aponic Vertical Aeroponic Growing SystemThis week we have installed two systems into the National Institute of Agricultural Botany (NIAB) Research Hub at Hasse Fen in Cambridge.

We put up a commercial system with some of our double sided tubes in for maximum growth space and some of our single sided tubes in the same system. We are going to plant with peas, broad beans, iceberg lettuces, greek basil and some kale to start with and some experimental crops too.

We also installed an aquaponic system to compliment research by Entomics into using black soldier flies to break down food waste and turn it into usable nutrients. We will be feeding the fish on a mixture of black soldier fly larvae and some of the produce from the growing tubes where we will be growing chia plants which are very high in Omega 3 oils. This will be a research project into true cirular sustainability of food crops which will also test the possibilities of creating commercial fish food without using huge quantities of fish trawled from the sea.

More pictures and updates to come.