ucsI just wanted to share this with you, we were invited to meet the South African High Commissioner last week on Monday at the UCS in Ipswich.

We set up overlooking the marina and waited for everyone to arrive. Once they were there I managed to demonstrate my unique 3d PowerPoint system, which is unusual in as much as I actually do a real demonstration with physical props, it is mind blowingly real!

His Excellency Obed Mlaba is a really nice chap with a steady hand on the trade tiller and a real enthusiasm for what we are doing.

I managed to talk to all of the delegates and we were then invited to appear at the Deloittes Building in London on Thursday...   Which was nice.

We are getting so much attention because we can deliver off grid farms anywhere in the world which create a crop of fruit, vegetables, salads and herbs as well as a harvest of fast growing, strong, healthy fish and all of this using 90% less water than traditional farming methods.

This is applicable in South African townships to give the people there a secure and sustainable food supply and also in areas where the main cash crop is cut flowers and we can deliver an efficient and productive system to grow commercial flower crops.

Our system arrives as a grid which takes a few hours to set up and then with the addition of four buckets of water and some sunshine to charge the electrical system, you have a low input, high output farm which will carry on producing lots of great quality food.

We are demonstrating again at Africa House next week with the African Knowledge Transfer Partnership which should be a hectic but exciting day to further our cause.

I will keep you updated on what happens.