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The Importance of Water Efficiency

The Importance of Water Efficiency

Aponic has designed and developed and patented a vertical modular growing system that enables you to grow fruit and vegetable crops both domestically, and commercially, using 90% less water when compared with traditional growing methods, saving space, energy, climate damage and making it possible for enough food to be grown by everybody, all year round, in an easy and rewarding way.

There is a finite amount of water on the planet and with the population boom, the amount of water per head is rapidly declining.  Something has to be done to balance the books in terms of energy, water and efficiency of the growing process and our method saves 90% of the water used for growing fruit and vegetables so that water can be used elsewhere in the water cycle. This means we use less energy to get the water to the plants and the run off is recirculated rather than released into the environment. We use growing space more efficiently with the vertical growing method and the need for manual labour and soil turning machinery is reduced to a bare minimum.

We are at a tricky stage in human history where we need to produce enough food to feed a rapidly growing population but we not only have to protect the environment but allow it to heal from previous abuse. We hope that by efficiently growing food where it is consumed in urban farms, greenhouses, gardens, conservatories and even balconies, we can ease the pressure on the soil based production and significantly reduce water and energy usage.

Aponic has created a sustainable, practical and enjoyable way for everyone to ease the pressure on the environment by providing them with the means to grow organic, non GMO, clean fresh fruit and veg all year round without digging or weeding.


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