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Welcome to Aponic Vertical Aeroponic Farming Systems

Aponic Aeroponic Farming Systems

Aponic Aeroponic Farms are more than just a good idea that can be used to grow multiple food crops efficiently and sustainably, we can convert farm and industrial buildings to be controlled environment farming businesses. We supply and support you with all aspects of growing and business expansion.

Aponic Ltd has designed, developed and manufactures a patented, sustainable farming system that uses 90% less water and yet grows 30% faster and gives 30% larger yields compared to traditional growing techniques.

Our controlled environment conversions are made from passsive house building materials and can be quickly installed to create the perfect building to grow clean, predictable, consistent crops 365 days a year. We have made sure that this system is affordable and have dramatically cut the capital outlay of building a future-proof vertical farm.

We offer a range of commercial and domestic growing systems that create fresh produce in a sustainable way that is kind to the planet and builds a sustainable business model that offers a meaningful diversification for farmers and enables entrepreneurs to enter the food growing market.

Aponic grew from a desire to grow food in a sustainable, reliable way. We quickly realised that to farm sustainably, we had to prove a sustainable business model.

With this in mind we made sure that the labour was minimal, energy usage was streamlined and the inputs minimised. We now have a way to consistently produce clean, predictable, traceable and great tasting food with no herbicide and minimal bug protection.

We create super productive farms providing full time jobs rather than seasonal labour and servicing local economies as well as large produce outlets.

Research & Education

We give a repeatable, consistent platform for speed breeding and research projects and all new data for PHD students and their dissertations.

Commercial Farming

We offer a turn-key solution for all farmers to diversify into core market, sustainable farming whether urban or rural based.

Domestic Growing

Have beautiful, flavourful food on hand grown with no pesticide or herbicide and available 365 days a year. no digging, no weeding and no droughts.

Commercial Kitchens

Fresh and interesting produce grown and used in front of your customers. Year round, secure supplies for hotels, restaurants, cruise ships and schools and hospitals.

Water Saving

Faster Growth

Nutrient Saving

Bigger Yields

Zero Run-Off


With farmers looking for viable additions to their businesses, we can offer core market diversification that is truly sustainable and opens new, high profit markets to them with a solid return on investment. 

We are always available for a chat about how we can help improve the profitability of your farm so drop us a line or book a video meeting HERE

Urban Farmers

You can grow amazing quality fresh herbs, greens, fruits and vegetables in commercial premises, shops and restaurants and on areas that have previously not been considered for growing food like roof tops, warehouses and even on contaminated ground. 

Whether you are supplying a small business, market stall or shop, you can have fresh produce all year round which is sustainably grown locally.

Drop us a line or book a video meeting HERE

Scientific and Pharmaceutical

For speed breeding and precision growing of experimental, transgenic crops we have a consistent, repeatable method of growing small and large batches of crops.

With remote control of all of the variables, we have a collaborative platform so that groups of scientists and biologists can work together without frontiers.

Get in touch HERE to discuss your requirements

Architects and Property Developers

A great way to distinguish your buildings and generate carbon offset is to add a sustainable farm into the design. We can also use unsuitable building areas as community allotments and social growing areas.

We can provide green walls, green office dividers, living atriums and more. Book a chat or drop us a line HERE.

Domestic Food Supply

Take control of your food miles, and grow sustainably at home. No need for special training, just sign up for our community programme and learn with others. It is just like gardening but without the digging and weeding.

The systems are so light and easy to handle, they can be put on roof gardens, balconies and in greenhouses and conservatories easily. 

What a great way to teach your children where their food comes from and they can eat great tasting food that is really good from them and has no nasty sprays or contaminants.

Find out more HERE

Why Aeroponic?

Growing using an aeroponic method allows more oxygen to absorb at the roots of the plant which enables it to form its oils and sugars much more efficiently; these are the building blocks of the plant so it can grow faster and give bigger yields, but this also means they have bags of real flavour.

Carbon Footprint

Growing in a recycling system means that you use 90% less water than in traditional growing methods yet grow faster and more plentifully. It also means that the nutrients are fully utilised in the growing process and not allowed to run off and damage biodiversity and the environment. 

Food can be grown in protected environments so that produce that is usually sourced from thousands of miles away can be grown locally.

We always support renewable energy usage and have streamlined the whole process to use as little energy as possible.


We are using less resources to grow more using less water, energy and crop protection, we are transporting less, cutting greenhouse gasses all round and enabling full time local jobs all year round growing crops. Did we miss anything? 

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