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Aponic Aeroponic Farming Products

What is it?

The Aponic core product is a vertical aeroponic grow tube. This design is the most simple way to create a scalable, efficient vertical farming system that can create clean, consistent, predictable and profitable fresh produce, raw materials and pharmaceuticals.

The plants are laid into a special support media that holds them in position so that the root is inside the main body of the growing tubes and the plant leaves are outside the tube. It works by spraying a fine nutrient mist into the top of the tube that supplies the water, nutrient and trace element mix. 

The roots are sprayed intermittently for 10 seconds every 20 minutes, this means that the 12 volt pump system is being used for 12 minutes a day, an energy drain easily coped with using a leisure battery and a solar panel for use in off grid areas.

Being vertical it is very space efficient as it turns your acreage into volume and can grow up to 48 plants in the footprint of a single plant.

With aeroponic growing, the roots are exposed to maximal oxygen, which in turn enables the plants to form the oils and sugars that are the building blocks more efficiently, and that also gives them the great flavour that is so often missing in shop bought produce.

In a controlled environment, we can control all of the variables including light phases, temperature, chemistry and husbandry so that we utilise energy and inputs efficiently and can repeat the formula over and over with exactly the same results.

With a controlled growing environment, we can add trace elements into the nutrient mixes that are often missing in soils to the plants have a boosted immune system and are healthier all round. This coupled with shorter logistic chains getting the fresh produce to the shops faster means that the nutritional content is much higher in the plants and we benefit too.

This all means that we can grow clean, consistent, predictable crops that have no herbicides, very little pesticides and do not damage the environment.

What does this look like?


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